Sunday, 25 November 2012

He is here!

Hurrah! Our elf has arrived! Santa delivered him during the night and it was a great surprise discovering the parcels in the morning.

Anders was very excited and we read the book together. Very quickly we decided on the name Jingle. We registered him and read Santa's note. Then we watched the DVD that Jingle brought with him and Anders enjoyed his candy cane for breakfast. 

Jingle has settled in very well. Throughout the day we found him in different places of the house. Almost every time we turned our backs he was on another shelf / window sill / toy box etc.. Anders loves him and calls him his cheeky and cute friend.

We went out for a bit to visit Santa at his grotto and when we returned we opened the present Santa gave us while Jingle watched. We did the jigsaw together and Anders asked Jingle to say thanks again for it.

It was definitely a great first day and we look forward to seeing what mischief Jingle will be up to. 

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