Monday, 24 December 2012

Time to say goodbye

I can’t believe today was Jingle’s last day with us. We made sure that it was a very special last day, one to remember.

When Anders woke up he found Jingle on a wrapped up box with a note saying to check mummy’s computer as a message would be waiting there. The present was a box of Knex kids which Anders loves playing with.

The message was from Santa (he had run out of printer ink…) saying that as it was Jingle’s last day we were allowed to touch him and give him as many kisses and cuddles as we like. Jingle wouldn’t need his magic due to Santa taking him back on his sleigh. Anders couldn’t wait to give him a big cuddle. He then carried him around all day, letting him join in in all his activities (which were very relaxed today). We watched films together, played, danced to Christmas songs and got ready for German Christmas celebrations.

After our ‘Bescherung’ (the German present giving) it was time to say goodbye to Jingle. He got many more cuddles and kisses and then we put him by Santa’s thank you treats and the sack that will hopefully be filled in the morning.

I am sad. I must admit, I shed a tear or two as I thoroughly enjoyed having our little elf here. I really look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition next year. Until then – Merry Christmas and have a great year everyone!

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