Sunday, 23 December 2012

Turtle surprise

Today was a very exciting day. We woke up to a note from Jingle. The note said:” Dear Anders, you won’t find me in the house today, but don’t worry, you’ll find me somewhere else soon. I know that your mummy and daddy are planning a big surprise for you (remember, I’m always listening) and I want to be there with you and see your happy face. So, don’t look in the house and I’ll see you later in a special place. Your friend, Jingle”. 

Anders was happy with this note and shortly after we got ready. We then found Jingle in the car, he had been waiting there for us with his big smile.

The drive to the surprise took us over an hour, Anders was a good boy throughout the journey and he looked forward to finding out what his surprise was. Parked up he realised that we were at his favourite aquatic shop, Wharf Aquatics. He loves looking at the reptiles and fish there and for a fish obsessed family like us it is the perfect day out. What he didn’t know was that we also went there to get his early Christmas present. Anders had wanted turtles for many months and he wrote this wish on his list to Santa. Santa had called us to let us know that he can’t transport turtles on his sleigh so he asked us to get them instead. And so we did. When Anders found out he was very excited. We chose all the equipment we needed and then our three turtles.

On the way back we had a very smiley boy in the back seat, he was so happy. A quick stop at McDonald’s made his day even more perfect. Jingle was watching the new pets in their tub and enjoyed the happy atmosphere. 

Once home we set up the tank and watched our new pets. Jingle joined us too. Anders loves them and so do we. Let the 10 to 100 years commitment commence. 

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